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Turmeric Recipes – 36 Delicious Ways to Enjoy Turmeric Benefits

Turmeric recipes benefit your body

Turmeric benefits are many and varied. It’s a digestive aid, a blood purifier, a wound healer, a skin tonic. It’s anti-viral, antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiseptic. It’s a well-known anti-inflammatory and this may be the role it plays in fighting cancer. It’s a fat metaboliser, a cholesterol reducer.

Sounds good, right? If you’d like to explore turmeric benefits, 10 Health Benefits and Uses for Turmeric Curcumin Supplements goes into much more detail. You can take a turmeric supplement, but here we explore the range of healthy turmeric recipes. Lattes, smoothies, bites, soups and savory dishes can all be made with turmeric.

Combining with certain ingredients make turmeric’s active ingredient, curcumin more potent and deeply delicious. Endlessly versatile turmeric features in each of these amazing recipes.


Article image from Wellness Mama

36 Healthy Turmeric Recipes

1.Carrot Chia Turmeric Muffins

These sunshine muffins have carrots, dry or fresh turmeric, fresh ginger and chia seeds. Coconut rounds up the flavor for a caramelized carrot ginger turmeric profile along with cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg. Add nuts to these Turmeric muffins. No added sugar or oil needed. Vegan Soy-free Nut-free Recipe. Gluten-free option.

From: Vegan Richa

Turmeric Muffins & Turmeric Lassi

Turmeric Muffins & Turmeric Lassi

2. Turmeric Lassi

Here’s why I am so interested in the turmeric lassi: turmeric has an insane amount of health benefits. First and foremost, it is known to fight and prevent cancer cell growth. It is also an anti-inflammatory, which also helps ease skin ailments such as psoriasis.

Turmeric has been known to slow the progression of Alzheimer’s, is an antioxidant, and is also a natural pain killer.

From The Roasted Root

3. Baked Honey Garlic Turmeric Chicken Recipe

A turmeric chicken recipe is a good one to have in reserve. Baked honey garlic turmeric chicken packs a lot of flavor into crispy chicken bites. great by themselves or served with rice, noodles or vegetables.

From Food Lovin’ Family

Turmeric chicken recipes

Baked Honey Turmeric Chicken & Tumeric Broth

4. Turmeric Broth Detox Soup

Turmeric Broth Detox Soup – a fragrant, healing broth based soup that is highly adaptable- make a big batch and add all your favorite ingredients. Vegan and Gluten-free!

From Feasting at Home

5. Turmeric Roasted Chicken

An easy one-pan roast chicken dinner with a delicious citrus marinade starring turmeric and other Eastern Mediterranean spices!

From The Mediterranean Dish

Turmeric roasted chicken recipe

Turmeric roasted chicken & Anti-inflammatory Turmeric Bars

6. Anti-inflammatory Turmeric Bars

Turmeric is one of those ingredients that can be tricky. Sure, golden milk is great, but if there are any other ways to incorporate anti-inflammatory turmeric into my weekly diet that feels like a treat, sign me up! These Anti-inflammatory turmeric bars are just the thing!

From Unbound Wellness

7. Turmeric Hot Chocolate

Love hot chocolate but looking for healthier option? Try Turmeric hot chocolate! This golden drink has anti-inflammatory properties and can be enjoyed in 5 minutes.

From Happy Foods Tube

Turmeric Hot Chocolate Recipe

Turmeric Hot Chocolate & Fermented Turmeric Soda

8. Fermented Turmeric Soda

It’s time to make a naturally fermented turmeric soda! This is similar to how one would make a traditional ginger beer using a ginger bug, but with turmeric root instead.

From Grow Forage Cook Ferment

9. Anti-inflammatory Coconut Turmeric Bites

I just love how these guys are so easy to make and require no heat whatsoever. Perfect for summer, and definitely best right out of the fridge. They make a great snack to just keep in the fridge for a couple of days, or share with friends.

I’ve been known to just grab one or two from the fridge when I’m feeling peckish, or bring it along for packed lunch. I hope you enjoy!

From Unbound Wellness

10. Honey Turmeric Chicken

Honey Turmeric Chicken – sticky, savory and sweet honey chicken marinated with turmeric and cooked on skillet. Quick and easy dinner in 15 minutes.

From Rasa Malaysia

11. Healing Vegan Turmeric Noodle Soup

Immune-boosting Turmeric Noodle Soup with a miso, garlic, ginger-infused broth! Great benefits for healing, inflammation, and cold & flu season.

From The Garden Grazer

12. Vegan Turmeric Carrot Oatmeal Cookies

These hearty breakfast cookies are gluten-free, oil-free, naturally-sweetened and full of superfood ingredients like oats, flax, turmeric and walnuts.

From Running on Real Food

13. Fresh Turmeric Pickle

I love pickled roots in all types of dishes. From pickled turmeric to pickled carrots, these pickles are easy to make and can be used for weeks. This pickled turmeric can easily be added to a number of dishes – from salads to soups, sandwiches to wraps.

I love pickled turmeric on a toast, but I am sure you will have your own favorite way of using this pickled beauty!

From Farm on Plate

14. Simple Turmeric Sauerkraut

A quick, small-batch recipe for Turmeric Sauerkraut that can be mixed up in about 10 minutes before it rests on your counter for a 4-5 days. Then just let nature take its course! You can season this sauerkraut with anything you want- but the most important thing I hope you take away here is how simple it is to make – anyone can do this! It’s not scary or complicated.

From Feasting at Home

15. Orange Turmeric Immunity Boosting Juice

It’s that time of year again…cold weather hits and the flu and cold season starts. This Orange Turmeric Immunity Boosting Juice will help ward off any cold and keep you full of energy!

From Tasteful Venture

16. Ginger & Turmeric Aromatic Rice

Ginger turmeric basmati aromatic rice – a unique and delicious Middle Eastern side dish perfect for pairing with your favorite entrees. This blows instant white rice out of the freaking water.

From The Roasted Root

17. Medjool Date “Golden Milk” Turmeric Latte

This Medjool Date “Golden Milk” Turmeric Latte will be your favorite cozy (coffee/caffeine-free) drink. Vegan, paleo, and it’s even Whole30 friendly.

From Fit Mitten Kitchen

18. Bedtime Turmeric Milk

Soothing Bedtime Golden Turmeric Milk with cinnamon and vanilla! The ultimate cozy night time drink that’s customizable, easy to make, and is said to help promote more restful sleep (plus all the awesome nutritional and Ayurvedic benefits!)

From The Garden Grazer

19. Turmeric Pancakes

Easy, fluffy Turmeric Spice Pancakes you can whip up in the blender in no time for a vegan, gluten-free, oil-free, anti-inflammatory breakfast.

From Feasting on Fruit

20. Turmeric and Almond Milk Latte

A soothing caffeine-free hot drink to have at the end of a busy day – these turmeric lattes have been doing the job. They make me feel soothed, relaxed and nourished, as you may be aware turmeric has heaps of health benefits the main being its an excellent anti-inflammatory so that’s an added bonus.

From Figs & Pigs

21. Turmeric Mocha Hot Chocolate

It totally works since chocolate is earthy and turmeric is earthy. If you’re looking for a cozy drink to add to your holiday drink “must-make” list, this creamy concoction could be it.

From Healthy Aperture

22. Super Simple Turmeric Falafel

Super Simple Turmeric Falafel made with simple and healthy ingredients! Enjoy in a sandwich with pita bread, hummus, lettuce or in greek salad!

From Rachl Mansfield

23. Lemon & Turmeric Smoothie

Whip up a Lemon Turmeric Smoothie in under five minutes for a healthy breakfast option that is made with bananas, fresh lemon juice and zest, yoghurt, chia seeds and turmeric!

From Evolving Table

24. Wild Blueberry Turmeric Zinger Smoothie

Sweet and spice and everything nice. This Wild Blueberry Turmeric Zinger Smoothie is packed with immune-boosting ingredients to keep you rockin’ and rollin’ all winter long.

From Kara Lydon the foodie dietitian

25. Turmeric Ginger Shots

Rumor has it, turmeric can lower your risk or heart disease and cancer, reduces cholesterol, helps with arthritis pain and has been proven to help fight depression. Not bad for one ingredient, huh? Taking turmeric in the form of shots makes it easier to work into your routine.

From The Inspired Home

26. Dairy Free Turmeric Milk

Turmeric milk is a traditional Indian and Ayurvedic beverage that is typically drunk before bed. Similar to what we do here in the States with warm milk before bed. Although I never really enjoyed warm milk before bed as a kid, I sure do enjoy this delicious beverage. The warming effect Turmeric Milk has on the body puts you right to sleep!

From Real Food RN

27. Healing Bowls with Turmeric Sweet Potatoes, Poached Eggs and Lemon Dressing

Brown rice, red quinoa, turmeric sweet potatoes, lightly dressed arugula, a poached egg, pistachios, and lemon herb dressing. This is The Bowl of Life.

From Pinch of Yum

28. Turmeric Tomato Detox Soup

Curcumin, the yellow-orange pigment, is also the compound of turmeric which has the anti-inflammatory action. The action of curcumin on body health is vast, mostly related to stimulating the liver detox function, and these are only some of the benefits of this miraculous ingredient.

Tomatoes are an exceptional source of a powerful antioxidant called lycopene, another ally in the fight against chronic diseases including cancer. Chronic diseases are mainly caused by oxidative stress and inflammation, so pairing the antioxidants in tomatoes with the magical anti-inflammatory action of turmeric has fantastic benefits for your body health.

Curcumin is better absorbed by our bodies when paired with black pepper, so make sure you use this abundantly in this soup.

From detoxdiy

29. Golden Milk Hot Chocolate

A warm and comforting hot chocolate recipe for those dark Autumn and winter nights.  Spiked with medicinal turmeric and warming cinnamon a mug of this golden milk hot chocolate will make you feel all snug and cosy on the inside.  Chocolate lovers this one is for you, and I hope you’re going to love it as much as I do.

From Celery & Cupcakes

30 Turmeric Chicken Recipe & Rice

A simple one-pot chicken-and-rice dish, but the turmeric adds color, spice and flavor.

From Food & Wine

31. Anti-inflammatory Turmeric Tonic

I recommend consuming this tonic with a real food meal that includes healthy fats. The active ingredient in turmeric is fat soluble and requires some fat to be properly assimilated into the body. 

I also added black pepper to this recipe to help with absorption.  Black pepper contains the ingredient Piperine which a bioavailability (absorption) enhancer that allows substances to remain in cells for longer periods of time. One study showed that adding pepper increases the bioavailability of turmeric by 2000%.

From Savory Lotus

32. 5-Minute Turmeric Tea

Turmeric tea is more than tasty… consuming turmeric (whether in tea or in curries, soups, sauces, or other cooking) supports digestion, immune function, liver function, and may even offer protection from some types of cancer.

From Wellness Mama

33. Easy 2-Minute Creamy Turmeric Dressing

You can really taste (and of course, see) the turmeric in this dressing but not in the bitter, unpleasant way. The ginger, lemon zest and lemon juice add tons of flavour. The honey balances it all out.

From Saffron Trail

34. Turmeric Hummus

This golden turmeric hummus is an easy vegan and gluten-free dip that’s made with just 8 ingredients. Great as a snack and ready in 10 minutes!

From Healthy Nibbles

35. Coffee Turmeric Smoothie

Kill two birds with one stone with this Coffee Turmeric Smoothie. Get your coffee fix but reap the benefits of this good-for-you smoothie filled with healthy ingredients.

From The Almond Eater

36. Coconut Milk Turmeric Smoothie

If you wanted to create the perfect smoothie with anti-cancerous properties, potent anti-inflammatories, as well as anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal constituents, look no further than adding turmeric. Although turmeric has a lightly bitter taste, you won’t even notice it in this delicious recipe that will have you craving it daily.

From Eat Local Grown

So you see, turmeric recipes are not to be underestimated!

Another great superfood to investigate is Cacao Powder which can also be consumed with turmeric if you wish – I have a mug of turmeric cacao powder hot chocolate sometimes and I’m convinced it gives me more vivid dreams.

You should also look into how to use maca powder
Turmeric Recipes - 36 Ways to Enjoy Turmeric Benefits