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Top 10 Best Keto Pizza Recipes | Low Carb & Zero Carb Pizza Crust

Keto pizza recipes are the answer if you love pizza but avoid carbs

These low carb, zero carb, grain free pizza crust recipes include 100% meat options, plus fathead dough and cauliflower pizza crust recipes.

But before we get into this, a question: if you’re serious about going low carb, why not just abandon pizza, cake, doughnuts and all that other stuff forever?

We read an interesting post this week complaining about how the keto diet can be made too complicated. It partly comes from the fast-growing market for keto alternatives.

You can buy keto-friendly alternatives to a whole range of foods – chocolate bars, granola, cakes, even beer. There’s a whole range of ingredients for keto home cooking. 

This is helping people step away from carb-heavy diets. Millions of people worldwide are losing weight by going keto (despite warnings about “keto crotch”, heart arrhythmias and other scare stories about what a keto diet does to your body). 

Some are going beyond keto, with its complex demands for fat vs protein and anxiety about falling out of ketosis. But they’re not going back to carbs, they’re dropping everything except meat.

Zero carb, or carnivory is more than the new keto. It’s becoming a philosophical and political position. An inevitable counterbalance to the rise of veganism?

But eating steak for every single meal isn’t practical, desirable or affordable for most.

Zero carb is interesting. It has deep biological roots and makes evolutionary sense. There are reports of the benefits – clearer skin, clearer mind, long-term health problems disappearing and significant weight loss.

We’ve a whole bunch of posts on meat recipes – air fryer meat, air fryer chicken, pemmican recipes, oxtail recipes with more to come. We’ve also found 30 of the best keto waffle or chaffle recipes, including the legendary piffle pizza chaffle.

I’m sure we’ll come back to it at Sortathing. But until then, time for pizza!

10 keto pizza recipes - low carb zero carb pizza crust recipe

1. The Original Zero Carb Pizza Crust

No grain, no nut flours and, most importantly, no carbs in this touchstone pizza crust recipe. Chicken is the main ingredient, combined with parmesan and egg. The result is a carb-free pizza crust you can top as you wish.

Keto Connect are rightly proud of coming up with this recipe. The keto pizza recipes listed here are in no particular order but we felt this one deserved the top spot.
From: Keto Connect

Chicken Crust Pizza & Keto Mushroom Mini Pizzas

Chicken Crust Pizza & Keto Mushroom Mini Pizzas

2. Keto Mushroom Mini Pizzas

We’ve covered the health benefits, known and unknown, in another article (22 Magically Keto-Friendly Medicinal Mushroom Recipes).

Mushrooms are mostly carb-free and the portobello variety is round and large enough to make a mini pizza. So don’t sleep on the ‘shrooms when planning a keto pizza feast.
From: I Eat Keto

3. Meatzza Meat Crust Pizza

Meatzza AKA Keto Pizza AKA meat crust pizza. This recipe uses chicken mince as the base but could be adapted to use ground beef, pork even lamb mince if you wish. Or turkey, almost forgot about turkey.
From: Headbanger’s Kitchen

Meatzza Meat Crust Pizza & Low Carb Keto Nut-Free Pizza Crust

Meatzza Meat Crust Pizza & Low Carb Keto Nut-Free Pizza Crust

4. Low Carb Keto Nut-Free Pizza Crust

Fathead dough is usually the go-to dough for low-carb pizza, bread and cakes. We’ve compiled a couple of posts on the best fathead dough recipes and fathead dough desserts. Most fathead recipes use almond or any other nut flour and this rules it out for anybody with a nut allergy.

No nut flour or any other flour in this recipe – mozzarella and parmesan work it out between themselves to create a very toothsome pizza base.
From: Peace, Love & Low Carb

5. Denver Omelette Breakfast Pizza

For those mornings only a pizza will do… this recipe requires pizza dough, but why not just put the toppings on an omelette, meatzza or fathead alternative? That’s what I’m doing first thing tomorrow.
From: Dad with a Pan

Denver Omelette Breakfast Pizza & Keto Coconut Flour Pizza Crust

Denver Omelette Breakfast Pizza & Keto Coconut Flour Pizza Crust

6. Keto Coconut Flour Pizza Crust

Only four ingredients are needed for this crispy keto pizza base recipe. As well as coconut flour, water, psyllium husk and salt (optional) go into the mix. This is a really high fibre option. Visit Sweet as Honey for a step-by-step video guide.
From: Sweet as Honey

We also found a version without the psyllium husk but with parmesan in the mixture. Looks good, so if you have coconut flour in the kitchen, please try them both and let us know which one’s your favorite.
From: Moon and Spoon and Yum

7. Bacon Ranch Chicken Crust Pizza

This recipe had me at “bacon”. The ground meat pizza base is nearly zero carb, much like the meatzza and chicken crust pizzas listed earlier.

The difference here comes in the topping, ranch dressing made with avocado mayo and a bunch of dried herbs. Plus no-sugar bacon to top it all off and give it some visual zing.
From: Low Carb Yum

Bacon Ranch Chicken Crust Pizza & Better than Fathead Pizza Low Carb Pizza Crust

Bacon Ranch Chicken Crust Pizza & Better than Fathead Pizza Low Carb Pizza Crust

8. Better than Fathead Pizza Low Carb Pizza Crust

“Pork rind power!” is the secret behind this recipe. We’re seeing this ingredient in more and more zero carb recipes lately. Ground up into a powder it’s a smart replacement for not-quite-zero carb but flours.

Funny thing is, it doesn’t taste much like pork prepared like this.
From: Hey Keto Mama

9. Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Cauliflower is another low carb standby ingredient. Cauliflower rice has been edging out its starchier version for a while now but did you know you could throw a pizza base using the humble cruciform veg? Yup. Here’s how.
From: Dear Crissy

Better than Fathead Pizza Low Carb Pizza Crust & Cauliflower Pizza Crust

Better than Fathead Pizza Low Carb Pizza Crust & Cauliflower Pizza Crust

10. Fathead Prosciutto Pizza without Almond Flour

This recipe comes with in-depth information on how and why the almond flour used in “traditional” fathead dough might stall your weight loss or cause inflammation. Worth knowing and this keto pizza recipe is simple, but delicious.
From: Fat for Weight Loss

We’ve found more fathead dough and even fathead dough dessert recipes

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