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The Only Weight Loss Diet Plan that Makes Sense in 2019

Finding a good Weight Loss Diet Plan is the key to better health for many, but there’s a lot of noise about the right way to do it.

What’s wrong with every other weight loss diet plan

Most Weight Loss Diet Plan leave you feeling tired, hungry and tormented by cravings. Any weight lost is piled back on as you stray from the plan, lured by hunger.

The trick is to find a weight loss diet plan that’s enjoyable, easy to follow and rewards you with permanent fat loss… without feeling hungry all the time.

The right plan should also make you feel sharper, younger and able to take on the world. That plan now exists and it works whatever your age, whether you’re male or female.

The World's Simplest Fat Loss Plan

Forget counting calories

Most people believe that burning more calories than you eat is the way to do it. They’re mostly wrong and mostly overweight. Right now 80% of the US population is either skinny-fat, overweight or fully obese.

In fact, obsessing about calories is a good way to remain overweight AND hungry.

Asleep at the wheel

I had a serious problem a couple of years ago. An hour into every morning commute I would zone and need to rest my eyes… you know, just for a moment.

A complete lack of energy and urge to sleep would overwhelm me –  while driving at 70 miles per hour. Not a good way to start the day or to stay alive. I needed to get to the bottom of this problem and fast.

Weight loss sleep

I thought I was doing all the right things, I’d even tried the 5:2 diet, which stabilized my weight but didn’t help my health or mood.

But then I came across Dennis Mangan’s work (via Twitter, at first) and he questioned everything I thought I knew about nutrition, cholesterol, exercise and much more.

Within a month of applying this information I’d lost a few pounds and suddenly felt motivated to go to the gym, for the first time ever. Within a year I’d lost around 22 pounds from my peak weight. I might have lost more pounds, but new muscle replaced much of that old blubber.

I began sleeping more soundly, thinking more clearly and developed a whole new, positive view of life. It felt as if my body and mind were thanking me for making these few, simple changes. This blog, Sortathing, is a direct result of those changes.

Dennis Mangan is a highly-respected independent health researcher who has presented his findings on his website and in a number of popular books, published articles and, most recently, The World’s Simplest Fat Loss Plan.

His plan does not count calories but it does eliminate hunger. It demolishes certain myths before laying solid, scientific foundations for his highly-effective, actionable plan that will make you leaner, fitter and sharper.

The plan is nothing less than a sure way to lose weight AND eliminate hunger. It’s an education and it works. Here’s what it covers.

Our food is making us sick

Weight loss plan doughnut

The American diet is a mess. An ultra-processed, addictive, fattening but often irresistibly tasty dumpster fire of a mess.

Certain ingredients in our food promote obesity beyond all proportion to their calories. And yet these are the ingredients we’ve all been encouraged to use for forty years or more. Foods that give you a hit without satisfying hunger are a real problem.

This plan reveals what these foods are and how to replace them with satisfying alternatives.

Stop eating all the time

Snacking weight loss

Snacking all the time – in front of the TV, at work, while driving, at the movies – is how most of us live these days. And breakfast? Is it really the most important meal of the day or just another opportunity to get a hit from food? Can we learn anything from how people used to eat?

It turns out that getting out of the always-be-eating habit brings enormous benefits.

Guilt-free Real Food

Weight loss hunger

It all started going badly wrong about 40 years ago. Healthy foods came under attack from both health authorities and food marketers. Foods come in and out of favor, it’s hard to know what to believe.

But what is the evidence for claims against foods like eggs, red meat, butter, salt? And what are most of us eating far too much of?

This plan lets you eat the good stuff again.

Get a grip on your healthspan

This weight loss plan is likely to increase your lifespan. But what about your healthspan? This is the time you enjoy being physically active and mentally able.

There’s one very simple way to strengthen your grip on living well that will extend your healthspan as you age. If your aim is to lose fat it is absolutely vital not to lose muscle with it and there’s only one way to do that and this plan covers it.

It’s simple because it’s natural

Modern humans are simply the latest version of a million-year-old species. But most of the changes that promote obesity, diabetes and cancer are very recent.  Life expectancy is falling across the West for the first time because we took a wrong turn a generation ago.

We did not evolve to consume pasta, soda or doughnuts, or sit on our asses all day.

However, few of us spend our lives hunting antelope and inventing fire these days.  So this isn’t a “paleo” plan or anything like it –  cavemen did not drink red wine or eat chocolate, both of which are encouraged here.

It’s called the world’s simplest plan because it clears away several decades of dietary misinformation, leaving the fundamentals of what is good to eat, which foods promote health and how best to avoid hunger.

Hunger beats most weight loss plans but hunger’s what this plan defeats.

Order the World’s Simplest Weight Loss Plan here