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5 Essential Sleep Tips for a Good Night’s Rest from a Hypnotist

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 Warning: this post contains effective sleep tips!

I know a lot about insomnia – not just because I help people to return to normal sleep patterns, but also because I spent fifteen years of my life going through phases of lying wide awake, gritty-eyed and panicky in the dead of night.
5 essential sleep tips
I know the clock watching and calculating how much sleep you might get if you could just drop off now…
I know the whirring thoughts and not being able to find the button to switch them off…
I know the gut-wrenching frustration of feeling that every other living soul is happily snoring away in a comfy pool of oblivion while you worry yourself sick about how you will cope with tomorrow.
In short, it’s no fun.

These days I sleep like the proverbial baby – to be honest, you can’t stop me. The main problem is trying to keep myself awake after 9 pm when that lovely, snoozy hug of a feeling starts to take hold and I just want to close my eyes and float down into that sea of dreams.

I trained to be a hypnotherapist because of this happy transformation and really enjoy helping others to do the same by handing the process back to their unconscious minds. Alongside the hypnotherapy though, there are many practical tips that I will always suggest – here are five of my favourite sleep tips :

1. Empty your head

A busy, buzzing head can’t sleep well – even if you get to sleep you’re likely to over-dream, so make sure you wind-down well before sleep and leave your worries outside your bedroom door.

A recent study recommends writing a to-do list for the next day. That would certainly help to offload the worries, along with writing any specific worries down and mentally agreeing to leave them on the page until morning.

2. No screens or technology

Yes, yes, I know you’ve heard it before but this one is essential for a good night’s rest. The science is simple, blue light affects the production of melatonin, which is essential for sleep. It also helps our minds associate our bedroom with sleep if we turn it into a sleep sanctuary and leaving all technology outside is a great start.

3. Stop trying

This can be one of the hardest ones to achieve but is probably the most important. Sleep in an unconscious process, like digesting food or breathing – you can’t make yourself do it.

There are various exercises I teach my clients to help them rest with a relaxed mind that is prone to drifting off, rather than focusing on sleep, but a simple progressive body relaxation is a good start.

4. Mindfulness

Mindfulness and meditation are always top of my list of recommendations, primarily because they help the mind to take a break from all those frenetic, busy thoughts and things to do.

For most of us being in the now is a rare treat, but it shouldn’t be an occasional after-thought or accident of a happy moment. We all need to put it on our to-do list along with eating well and getting enough exercise.

Mindful exercises and meditation help our minds move into the REM state, which is where it needs to go for sleep. Practising during the day helps warm up that mental ability so the mind knows what to do at night.

5. No clocks and no light

Sleep tips no clocks

This one made a big difference to me: don’t check the clock. Clock watching adds to the anxiety, so it helps to make sure you can’t time-check at night. It also helps if you don’t switch on the lights at night since light sends signals to the brain that it’s time to wake up.

Those are my top 5 favourites, but I run through many others with my clients.
When you think about it, we can learn a lot from watching babies sleep, they know a thing or two about peaceful slumber – they don’t worry, they don’t try to sleep, they don’t fixate on screens, they live in the moment and they certainly don’t switch on the light in the middle of the night to check the time.
Try out all 5 & make sure you listen to the free Sleep Hypnosis Download below. Listening to it every day for 2 weeks before you go to sleep will totally re-set your sleep triggers.
Sleep is vital to our wellbeing, and although some of us can certainly manage on less that others, we all need some good healthy sleep to keep well. So take care, sleep tight and get in contact to let us know how you get on with these tips & our free sleep hypnosis download.
5 sleep tips and hypno download