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The Benefits Of Drone Technology In Health & Fitness

Drone technology has been growing in popularity over the years and so it’s definitely something that more people and organizations should be embracing.

What are the benefits of drone technology? How do they benefit health and fitness industries in particular? Whether you’re a business or not, purchasing a drone might be helpful for many reasons.

While drones have made some bad press over the years, the negatives are often outweighed by the positives they bring. With that being said, here are some of the benefits of drone technology that are worth using.

Drone technology flying over a lake

Drone technology has become an integral part of sport and entertainment – Image Source

What are drones?

Drones are unmanned aircraft. Despite their size – which makes it pretty much impossible for anyone to fit in them – they are considered aircrafts. Drones are also called UAVs for short and they’re considered flying robots that can be operated remotely. They can fly autonomously too with the help of software-controlled flight plans.

Often enough, drones were embraced primarily by the military but they’ve since expanded into different industries, serving a unique purpose for each. For example, many drones nowadays are being used in the wedding industry for videographers looking to capture the perfect venue shots from up above.

Drones are used in many scenarios now, which include:

  • Firefighting
  • Personal use
  • Surveillance
  • Search and rescue
  • Videography
  • Weather Monitoring
  • Delivery services

As you can see, drones are being used more than ever before, which is why it’s worth looking at them for your needs, whatever that may be for.

The benefits of drone technology in health and fitness

There are many benefits of drone technology that are worth taking advantage of, especially within the health and fitness industry. If you’re someone who is looking to maximize the use of drones, then there are many benefits that should give you more than enough reason to invest in one or two.

Of course, drones aren’t cheap, which often puts people off investing in them. However, for some, the benefit of drones used for financial gain will soon make a return on your investment.

They’re great for capturing sporting events from a height

If you’re someone who is responsible for capturing event work, such as a sporting event, then drones can be ideal for capturing them from a great height.

Of course, you can get a lot of footage from the ground but a lot of these sporting events, such as marathons might be taking place over a large area.  With so many people taking part, it can be hard to capture every person and area of the marathon on the ground as a videographer.

With that being said, when you’re on the ground and unable to make it to certain areas, you may find using a drone to be more effective. It takes less effort and you can remain firmly in the same place as you control the flying device from down below.

Useful in healthcare to deliver vital organs and medication

There are lots of popular drones on the market nowadays, including the DJI Mavic 3 Thermal which is known for being extremely helpful when it comes to surveying land and in search and rescue situations.

In the industry of health and fitness, a good use of drone technology is delivering vital medication and organs from one medical center to another.

In cases where time is of the essence, drones don’t face any traffic in the air, meaning they can likely get the organ or medication delivered in a fraction of the time in comparison to road transportation.

This type of technology being used within the healthcare industry could be life-saving and life-changing for many individuals who find themselves in such a dire situation. It’s something that many organizations are already embracing and that could be a regular feature for many in the years to come.

Helps monitor performance and gathers data

For health and fitness monitoring, drones are able to gather a lot of performance data and intel that wouldn’t be as easy to do on the ground. While there are wearables that individuals can wear to track performance, being able to do this on a large scale is challenging. 

With drones, it only takes one drone to monitor many people all at once if it’s required. Eventually, they may become used as a jogging partner for the everyday individual. From monitoring a person’s heart rate to providing options on alternative running routes, the technology within drones is only getting more advanced as each new model comes out.

Like any form of technology, drones are still in the early days of their development but have already managed to achieve so much. It’s incredible to think what they could do and look like in five or ten years’ time.

Good for rescue situations

Rescue situations are something that drones can benefit many of these missions to save individuals who’ve got themselves in a compromised position. The biggest benefit is that they can be used before any other individuals need to step into that potentially dangerous environment.

Rescue helicopter flies above mountains

Drones can provide a ready solution in tricky search and rescue operations

Image Source

With the use of a drone, it can fly into areas that might not be possible to see from the ground and the areas themselves can be assessed for safety.

They’ve already been used in the case of rescue missions, which have been successful to help find and locate people. Whether they’ve become lost and thermal imagery has managed to find them, or it’s a situation where they’re in danger and need assistance on the ground.

Useful for mapping routes for upcoming racing events

If you’re looking to effectively create new routes for upcoming racing events, drones are highly effective and make the who process a lot easier. Mapping routes is easy when you have a birds-eye view of the areas you’re looking to conduct these racing or sporting events.

They’re good at surveying the land and providing a more detailed viewpoint of the ground below.

Other ways drones are being used in the world

As it’s been mentioned above, drones are being used for many other purposes. Here’s a more detailed breakdown of how drones are being used in the world currently.

  1. Firefighting
    Firefighters are making full use of drone technology to help tackle fires by gathering useful data. This type of data could be the size of the fire, where the fire is originating from, and where the heat is likely the most intense through thermal mapping. Not only that but it can help identify where people might be located and trapped within the building, as well as how far the fire has spread to other surrounding areas. 

    A recent fire that was tackled with the use of a drone was during the fire in Paris at the iconic Notre Dame Cathedral. Drones were used to help track the progress of the fire and to help firefighters tackle the blaze as quickly as possible. 

  2. Conservation 
    Conservation is something that many people need to be aware of when it comes to helping the planet and technology while having an impact on the planet, is helping to save it too. Drones have been an important feature, helping monitor erosion and to help identify animal species that need to be protected. 
  3. Surveillance 
    Surveillance is something that is useful to have, especially since it’s helped solve many crimes and track down assailants when they’re on the run. Drones regularly help with this thanks to their GPS features, sensors to detect movement, and high-resolution cameras. Whether you’re looking to use drones personally or your organization has been looking into drone technology, it’s something that’s definitely worth considering this year.

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