14 Funny Food with Faces Recipes: Holiday Treats

Food with faces. There’s a scientific name for that.

Pareidolia: The science behind seeing faces in everyday objects. Pareidolia is a psychological phenomenon that causes people to see patterns in a random stimulus.

Not so random if you stick a pair of googly eyes on a muffin. In fact any food with googly eyes makes me chuckle.

Sometimes, food gazing back at you can be a little disconcerting. But mostly it’s really funny, especially for kids. 

Here’s my selection of 14 irresistibly funny food with faces treats that are both eye-catching and delicious. Perfect party desserts for the holidays.


Article image from Alex Designs

14 Funny Food with Faces Recipes

1. Polar Bear Cookies

Want a fun cookie that is more of a craft than recipe? Then try these Polar Bear Cookies I have for you today. Aren’t they adorable? You don’t have to make many of these to liven up your cookie tray for the holidays.

From: Noshing with the Nolands

2. Melting Snowman Cookies

How cute are these chocolaty melting snowmen cookies? Better yet, these Christmas cookies are easy to make, too–no rolling pin needed, and the frosting is simply melted vanilla-flavored candy coating.

From: Better Homes & Gardens

3. Reindeer Cupcakes

These cute Christmas reindeer cupcakes are ridiculously easy to make by decorating chocolate cupcakes with M&Ms, pretzels, and candy eyes.

From: Crayons & Cravings

4. Polar Bear Hot Chocolate

Hot chocolate just isn’t hot chocolate without marshmallows – especially to the kids! So, you can make your hot chocolate a little more fun this winter by making polar bear marshmallows to add to your drink! These are sure to be a BIG hit with the kids!

From: Mom Endeavours

5. Reindeer Oreo Balls

Oreo balls are the perfect Christmas treat because they only require 3 ingredient, along with being very simple no bake treats that anyone can make! They’re perfect for you to make for a Christmas party you’re holding or attending, or to package up and take to your neighbors as a holiday gift.

From Like Mother Like Daughter

6. Donald Trump (the food version)

OK, OK, maybe POTUS rendered in ham and cheese is unlikely to appear on many tables this Season. But, if nothing else, it shows that there’s no end to the creativity of people playing with their food. What other national figures do you think could be recreated with leftovers?

From: Ladmob.com

7. Six-ingredient Halloween Monster Cookies

This recipe is SUPER easy. If I could do it with the two kids, while also serving dinner in between then you can definitely do it too. Trust me. I have zero decorating skills, and I still think these Six-Ingredient Cake Mix Halloween Monster Cookies turned out super cute!

From: I Knead to Eat

8. 4-Ingredient Bat Bites

The most important thing to note with these treats is that you’ll definitely want to use the THIN Oreos. Regular Oreos are a little heavy and just don’t seem to stay put in the same way that the thin ones do.

From: Chelsea’s Messy Apron

9. Cookie monster cupcakes

These cupcakes are perfect for a Cookie Monster party because they’re so easy to put together. No crazy piping of fur or drawing on silly eyeballs. They’re one of my favorite cupcakes I’ve made. And my kids thought they were hilarious.

From: Cupcake Diaries

10. Peek-a-boo Halloween Cupcakes

This Halloween, all eyes will be on the cupcakes that look back at you! Serve them to all the trick-or-treating mini monsters and ghouls, plus the costumed adults who show up at your door. But make a double batch, as these are so frighteningly fun everyone will want one.

From: Wilton

11. Sausage Mummies

These Sausage Mummies will make a really fun addition to a kids Halloween or Egyptian-themed party. Yes, they are a thing… in Egypt. You just need some sausages, pastry and edible eyes!

From: My Fussy Eater

12. Nutter Butter Boos

Old school Nutter Butter Boos are cute ghost cookies that make an easy Halloween dessert that is the perfect Halloween party food.

From: Home Made Interest

13. Marshmallow Penguins

Such a cute Christmas fun food idea here – super easy marshmallow penguins! I’ve been waiting for weeks to share these fun treats with you – didn’t they turn out cute?!

From: Eats Amazing

14. Food Face


Incredible. Painstaking. A modern day take on Arcimboldo’s famous fruit and vegetable paintings? In case you ever wondered this piece demonstrates just what can be done with a carefully-arranged selection of carrots.

From: Alex Designs

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