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How to Choose the Best Budget Rice Cooker

Choose the best budget rice cooker

Rice is one of the most important parts of the meal in many parts of the world. A single cooking appliance can cook rice and can also cook more eating options if added with technical versatility.

But are you sure about your decision that you have the right rice cooker in hand?? Today you will get an easy solution on how to choose the best budget rice cooker that will fit your budget along with satisfying all your cooking needs. 

How to Choose the Best Budget Rice Cooker

The best budget rice cooker will be the one that will cook the rice perfectly for you and also fits in your budget. Some important points are needed to be kept in mind before you make the decision of purchasing your rice cooker.

1. Family size

Surely you would like to purchase the rice cooker that could cook the desired amount of rice you need for your family. The rice cookers in the market are available with different sizes and cooking capacity. 

Mostly the 3 cups, 5 cups, and 10 cups rice cookers are available. It means your cooker size depends upon your family size. One or 2 family members may need 5-6 cups of rice. Family with 5 or above may need 14-15 cups of rice. 

2. Cooking options

From cooking options, I mean that you need to cook only rice or more meals type in your just one cooker. Instead of cooking rice in a simple manner you can purchase a rice cooker with more cooking options. The one which offers the separate option for cooking white rice and brown rice, both. 

The one with handles cooking itself without your operation, just one pot can steam the meat, veggies, etc., rice cooker that seals right and maintains the flavor of the food, and also the rice cooker that cooks as per your demand with schedule option. 

In many models, you will find the digital display with cooking options and temperature settings.

3. Material

The people mostly choose rice cookers with stainless steel or aluminium material.  The stainless steel is considered light in weight and safe for your health. It also makes cleaning quick and easy with the coating of nonstick and also affordable. 

Stainless steel also enhances more durability. The pans designed with clay and charcoals with no artificial covering are also preferred by some.

4. Dishwasher safe

After the cooked rice turns dry in cooker it sticks badly and makes cleaning an irritable mess. The dishwasher safe rice cooker will certainly save your time. 

5. Versatility

Bringing home rice cooker that cooks not only rice but also offers many other cooking options. Rice, meat, chicken, veggies, soups, porridge, cake, yoghurt, eggs, desserts, saute, steaming, slow cook, pressure cook, etc. are some versatile cooking capability of rice cookers. The simple cooker will cost less and of course, the versatile cooker will cost a little more. 

6. Fuzzy-logic technology

Fuzzy-logic technology in rice cookers operates with computer chips that operate the cooking time & temperature well. Fuzzy-logic technology does all for you with only one button. 

7. Additional features

If you are interested in spending more and adopting additional features for advanced cooking then rice cookers with extra features are also available in the market. 

Other than fuzzy-logic technology the features of the system of induction heating, micro automated technology will cook rice perfectly that offers even diffusion of the heat. The settings of various rice types are also an added feature. 

8. Warranty

The warranty offered by the rice cooker brand reflects the brand’s reliability. The warranty period will offer you peace of mind and reason to trust the brand’s invention.  

The long term warranty period offers you long term trusted service and shows the brand’s confidence in the design of its products. 

The factors mentioned above show the difference in how an inexpensive and expensive rice cooker will differ in performance. So according to these factors, you can choose your standard rice cooker.


Now cooking rice is no more simple. The advanced technology is highly supporting the versatility of various appliances. Similarly, the rice cooker available in markets has the bulk of technical features that makes cooking easy, quick, and safe. Not just rice but many food items can be prepared in just one rice cooker.

Selecting a rice cooker is not an easy chore. Various types of rice cookers like microwave, conventional cooker, micom with induction heating, etc. are available in the market. The rice cookers with different sizes, cooking capacity, and extra features come with different rates.  Which one is apt depends on you…!!

How to choose the best budget rice cooker is a complete guide to help you in choosing the right rice cooker as per your needs, demands & budget. Consider each factor stated above before you make rice cooker purchase decisions and make rice always an essential part of your meal. 

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