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Expert Electric Bike Guide 2021 – This Will Save You a Fortune

Electric bikes have emerged as the breakthrough personal mobility trend in 2021. The e-bike market is actually pretty mature with scores of great brands and hundreds of competing models. There are also many electric bike motor and battery capacity options to choose from.

How does the prospective e-bike buyer navigate all these choices? What makes an electric bike great? Do you have to buy a new electric bike to enjoy all the benefits? Should you take a test ride, and how?

Our new electric bike guide 2021 tackles each of these questions and more in our collection of electric bike buyers guides.

Electric Bikes vs Electric Scooters in 2021: Which is Best?

Electric scooter pros and cons

Electric scooters are fun, but are they practical?

Electric bikes vs electric scooters – we look at the pros and cons of e-bikes and e-scooters. Which is the more practical choice, and which is more fun?

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Best Electric Bikes in 2021 – Who’s Riding E-Bikes and Why?

Electric bikes offer many benefits in 2021. Commuters, moms, seniors all love electric bikes, but they’re also finding many new fans. Maybe you’re someone who could benefit from riding an electric bike?

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The Best Electric Bikes of the 21st Century So Far (and the Worst!)

What is the best electric bike? It might not be the latest model as some of the very best were made years ago. If you’re searching for a new electric bike or have seen a used one that looks like a good deal, take time to read this first.

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How to Test Ride an Electric Bike | Amazing Insider Tips!

Test ride an electric bike to make sure it’s the right ebike for you. Advice on how to book a test ride, what to take with you, how to prepare and make the most out of your electric bike demonstration.

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Choosing Your First Electric Bike? 15 Things I Wish I’d Known!

I wish I’d known these 15 things before buying my first electric bike. Would have saved a lot of time, money and frustration! But you don’t have to make my electric bike mistakes by reading this guide.

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Used Electric Bikes for Sale: 10 Essential Questions to Ask Before Buying

Used electric bikes for sale. Questions to ask, expert tips & how to avoid expensive mistakes buying a used, secondhand, ex-display, ex-rental electric bike.

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Kids Electric Bikes | Best Ride to School on a Kids E-Bike

Kids electric bikes are great for riding to school and joining you on cycle rides without falling behind. Kids love e-bikes and they’re now available to buy.

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5 Reasons Why Ex-Demo Electric Bikes Are the Best Choice

Ex-demo electric bikes are a great way to join the e-bike revolution, read why a showroom model could be a smarter choice than a new bike for many of us.

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Find the Best Used Electric Bikes – Where to buy a Great Secondhand E-bike

Used electric bikes are easy to find these days. E-bikes have been on sale for years and some owners are on the second or third upgrade, which means thousands of e-bikes make it onto the secondhand market. Here’s how to choose a good one.

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Electric bike motor guides

Kalkhoff Impulse vs Bosch electric bike comparison

Impulse vs Bosch motor systems. Kalkhoff Impulse and Bosch E-Bike System both debuted around the same time and have gone on to dominate the high-quality electric bike market.

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Brose Drive S Mag – the best electric bike motor yet?

Brose Drive S Mag was awarded best in test in E-Mountain Bike magazines 2019 motor comparison. Light, powerful and super quiet, it snatched the prize from some very serious competition.

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Bosch CX 2020 Ebike Motor – How Much Better Is It?

Bosch CX 2020 sees Bosch ebikes updating their popular electric bike motor system with more power, less weight, smarter functions and plenty of options for all types of bike rider.

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